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Fostering Flexible, Resilient Families


"Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city."         – George Burns


Today's world places many strains and stresses on most families, and when changes happen or crisis strikes, the usual rules, roles, and ways of talking to each other can lead families to become "stuck" in unhealthy patterns. The challenges faced by a parent or child, such as trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction, and developmental or academic issues, affect the entire family. In such cases, family therapy can uncover strengths and sources of resilience that are often not attainable by individual treatment or medication alone. As a middle-school teacher and advisor for over ten years, I am highly attuned to the pressures exerted on families whose dreams are to have their children to succeed in school and in life.


I generally prefer to meet with the whole family, at least for the some of the sessions – which is why I offer Saturday appointments to accommodate busy family schedules. I will serve as your family consultant, working together to accomplish your goals and create lasting growth.


Call (619) 535-9755 for a FREE consultation!

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